Stock Refinishing and Recheckering

Parker Dbl. Barrel

   Of the various services that I offer, this constitutes the bulk of my work.  Most stocks that get used to any great extent show some wear and tear, i.e. dings, scuffs and scratches in the finish, checkering with diamonds worn down flat, or missing,  and/or the grooves filled in with dirt and grime.  In most cases, such a stock can be made to look better than when it was new!

    I start by removing the original finish, steam raising dents and sanding out any shallow imperfections.  I keep all lines straight and corners sharp.  The stock is then saturated inside and out with a solvent modified curing resin that penetrates deeply into the wood completely sealing it against moisture and gun oil.  A quality oil finish is pregressively wet sanded into the wood surface filling the open pores.  The final finish can be left as a dull velvet luster, brought to a satin luster or a soft gloss shine.

    I rechecker the original pattern, deepening the lines until all diamonds come to sharp points.  A light coat or two of thinned finish brushed into the checkering completes the project.

    Most basic factory stocks can be refinished and recheckered logging from 16 to 20 hours of bench time, on average.  Refinishing and recheckering are also offered as separate services.


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Browning Link Pope / Ballard Link Olympian Link Parker Link
Browning A-Bolt
Medallion LH Rifle
Pope / Ballard
Schuetzen Target
Browning Olympian
Grade Stock
Parker DH Grade
Double Barrel
Remington Model 58 restyled. Ithaca NID Beretta O/U Stock Set
Elegant Spanish
Italian 1874 Sharps Win. Mod. 70
Stock Switch-aroo


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