New Checkering


   I do quite a bit of new checkering too.  Some customers want a simple, tasteful pattern, leaving it entirely up to me to design something that looks "right".  Others know exactly what they want and supply a detailed drawing, or a photo torn out of a magazine for me to work from.

    Reproducing a classic pattern from an old original stock onto a new replacement stock is also a common request.  I tend to prefer traditional patterns, but I have done a few "Buck Rogers Specials" too.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see detailed examples.

Ballard Link Al Biesen Mauser Link Alvin Linden Winchester Link
Ballard .22 LR. Al Biesen Stocked
Mauser Mark X.
Alvin Linden Stocked
Model 70 Winchester.
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Dressing up an 1873 Uberti
for Cowboy Action Shooting.
Simple checkering pattern on a Mauser stock. Rare Exposed Hammer Martini.
Mauser Express Rifle. Mod. 70 LH Express Rifle Remington Rolling Block Stock Set
Custom Express Rifle CZ Grips Checkering Laminated Wood?  You Bet!

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