CGM Gunstock Checkering

**** UPDATE- August, 2008 ****

Down through the years, I have received quite a few very flattering unsolicited testimonials from my clients, with their urgings for me to use them on my web site.  I have resisted doing this until now, in part because I feel pretty uncomfortable in promoting my own work with a medium that I have seen used on other web sites, and wondered to myself if those were "real" testimonials, or just something that guy made up himself and stuck in there.  Well, numerous folks have taken the time to write things that they sincerely wanted me to be able to use, so here are some of them.

To whom it may concern,
 CGM Gunstock Checkering checkered a custom Sako rifle stock and refinished and recheckered a 1903 Parker Brothers shotgun for me in 2008 with excellent results.  The checkering work is as good or better than any high grade gun on the market.   I have enjoyed many fine rifles and shotguns but now my old .243 Sako is surely one of the best in my collection due to your checkering.  Your checkering work is much better than on my Kimber .204 Ruger and my Anschutz .17 acquired in the last year.  I will be telling my shooting friends about the excellent experience I had with CGM Gunstock Checkering. Communication, shipping and handling by CGM was flawless.  A great experience!
Robert Keefe, Roseville California     (08-02-2008)

The stock arrived in perfect shape. The work was exceptional and I am very pleased! I have assembled the Lefever and it is beautiful. Thanks a lot. As time goes on I will send further stocks for renewal. In the future can I send the stock along with the action as well?


Kevin Glick,  Lihue, HI     (05-29-2008)


Clint, I've been examining your work since I got home today and let me tell you, you did a beautiful, first rate job!  You are truly a craftsman ... make that an artisan.  Your shaping and inletting is first rate and your checkering is world class.  Thank you so much for taking care of my rifle and turning it into a piece I'll have for the rest of my life - I'd certainly never part with it now!  And thank you for all your counsel and the various headaches you had to deal with to complete the project.  I was blessed to find you.  Hey, thanks again - I am proud as a kid on Christmas with my beautiful stock!
DeWayne Hayes,  Phoenix, AZ      (04-28-2008)
Clint, feel free to post the following on your web site, should you need a testimonial….

 Out of the blue, I selected Clint to checker a fine piece of walnut I had already finished and had inletted by my gunsmith.  With one phone call, I felt as though Clint and I had known each other for awhile.  The rest was easy.  I shipped the stock, without the hardware, to him in Missouri.  Very close to the same day he got it, Clint called with clarifying questions about what I wanted.  We talked about the pattern, the finish, and the timing.  I was amazed at his responsiveness.

Two weeks and three days from the date I mailed it, the finished stock arrived back at my house.  In the meantime, Clint had emailed me pictures of what the resulting work looked like.  I was impressed by the pictures, and very happy with the actual results that rested in my hands.  The work was quality.  His responsiveness alone is amazing.

Consider this a testimonial from a satisfied customer.  If I have another checkering job in the near future, I will use Clint. Pat Tyrrell,  Cheyenne, WY     (01-27-2008)


Hello Clint, 

I received the Parker shotgun you checkered for me and it looks fantastic. You are a talented individual.  I want to thank you for doing a superb job in a timely fashion for me, I would recommend you to anyone. Again thank you very much.
Best, Jeff Love,  Ashland, PA     (12-02-2007)
I'm bowled over. Your work is nothing short of spectacular. You are at the top of my list and i'll recommend you to my friends. If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me. 
Jim McClure,  Dallas, TX     (10-08-2007)
Hiya Clint,
I've been looking at gunstocks and checkering since I was about 13, and your work is the best I've ever seen.  When I lived in Vista and shot at the Camp Pendleton skeet and trap range, one of the other shooters was a chap by the name of Mike Weatherby (no relation to Weatherby rifles).  He was a gun broker and showed up all the time with a truck full of mostly high-grade shotguns (Purdey, Bosis, Boss, Perazzi, etc.), and none of them even came close to your finish and checkering.  Once in a while one would be exceptional, but even the best ones I saw couldn't hold a candle to yours, and I mean that sincerely.
Also while I lived down there, there was a gunshop in San Marcos called Duncan's Gun Works.  Bud Duncan had purchased a truck-load of barreled actions (sidelock doubles in the white), and he built custom shotguns for some of his wealthier clients on those actions (custom engraving, custom stocks, matched pairs, etc.), and his best work didn't touch yours. You're awesome! By the way, he's the one I purchased that stock blank from.
Well, my friend, I will stay in touch and if I happen across another worthy project, I know where I'll send it to have any woodwork done to it. 
All the best,
Pete (a.k.a. Top Gun) Struck,  Coeur d'Alene, ID    ( 09-27-2007 )
Hi Clint-
Sir, you do outstanding work!!  This is better than we could have hoped for and I sincerely thank you for such a nice job.  Wow!  I will proudly show off your work to as many folks as possible.  Simply fantastic!  I can only hope to be as good as you one day.
Clint, THANK YOU!!!
ps- this is a short e-mail because I'm still speechless!  Damn, you did a great job.  Again, thank you!
Chet Matheson,  White Mountain Classics, LLC     (04-04-2007)
Awwh Jeeez, Clint!!!  (Think "Fargo" Minnesotan)  Your work is truly spectacular!  Its beautiful!  I swear I haven't put the thing down since I got home tonight.  The wood turned out prettier than I expected, as I walk around it's rays, lines and tones change constantly.  Honestly Clint, you are a true artist and your work is as good as I have ever seen - and I'm a confessed nit-picker. 
Once again, thanks for your professionalism - its very likely our child will enjoy your work as well.
Steve Sathre,  Minot, S.D.     ( 02-16-2006 )
Well Sir,
It has been a long time since you checkered the stock on my grandmother's Model 12. This week I finally took it out for a test drive at the regular league trap shoot on Thursday night. What a difference your work made. I now have to learn how to shoot that gun without putting a death grip on the forearm!
When I received the stock, I thought you did an excellent job on it. Clint, I was wrong. THE CHECKERING JOB IS SUPERB. A few guys at the club were fortunate enough to see it, and they had a very hard time believing what they saw. It is more uniform that any other job I have ever seen.
I have a few other guns that are just not very "normal". Over the years I have had a few engraved, some are limited production, some have been hand built from oversize parts, get the idea. This Model 12 fits that bill. It is engraved with my grandmother's name and "Oregon State Champion, 1935, 1937". And now,  it has a Clint Meier original checkering job. What more could I ask for?
You certainly have the skill, and I am very proud to own one of your pieces of artwork.
Thanks for doing the job, and good luck to you,
Tim Allen,  Metamora, IL     ( 08-06-2005 )
Hi Clint,
The grips look beautiful. The pattern you did is perfect. At 20 lpi the figure in the Cocobolo really comes through, but the checkering isn't too fine to grip well. Another happy satisfied customer.
Thanks again.
Denny Marshal, Columbus, OH     ( 07-03-2005)
Hey Clint....
Got the stock.....and, as usual, you did a fantastic job of refinishing and recheckering!!!  Thanks so much my friend...
Thanks again Clint......God Bless....  Glenn Andres,  Darien, IL     ( 10-27-2004 )
I have the gun back together and it looks great. Each time I look at your work, I think of another gun that I want change and upgrade.  I don't mean to be a pain in the ass, but frankly I like your work and personality so much that I don't want anyone else to do my work. The Beretta wood is just a strip and oil finish. The Ithaca needs your special touch, i.e. repair, strip, rechecker and refinish.
Keep in touch, Tom Toohey,  Blairstown, NJ     ( 08-13-2004 )
I  received  my  forearm  yesterday , the  quality  of  your  workmanship  was  outstanding .  I  had  a  smile  on  my  face  the  whole  day , it  was  all I  could  talk  about  to  my  friends , co-workers  and  family - all  were  impressed .  I'm  sending  (2)  additional  marlin  forearms  to  be  vented. ( UPS - should  arrive  Wednesday )
Thank  You ,
Richard  Bell,  Waxahachie, TX     (06-12-2004)
Good Afternoon Clint,

Through the eyes of my father, who received my package and opened it up, the project can best be described as PERFECT!  I sincerely thank you for an extraordinary product!  My limited vocabulary does not allow me to properly relay my thanks and gratitude. You are at the top of my list for any future work.  I may have some “projects in the works for Dad”.  I thank you for your care, concern, and complete attention to detail!

Thank you again and please take care!  Tom Wenzel,  Sioux Falls, S.D.     ( 05-07-2004 )


Hi Clint,
My stock arrived yesterday. It is just what I had hoped for, i.e., a good checkering job at a reasonable price.
Thanks again,
Fred Thompson, Plympton, MA     ( 05-01-2004 )


Hello Clint,

The "stock" arrived yesterday and it is evident that you were very professional in completing your checkering assignment. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be glad to issue one for your excellent work.
Are you sure that there is no extra charge for the amount of time you spent? Thanks again and great work!!
Don Christy,  Hermitage, PA     ( 04-21-2004 )
SINCERELY,  RONNIE SHORT,  WILLIS, TX     ( 04-14-2004 )
GARY PRICKETT,  FT. COLLINS, CO     ( 03-09-2004 ) 
Clint,  the gun arrived Weds.  The repair did not just meet my expectations,
it far exceeded them! You are a true craftsman. I have been showing everyone
who walks thru the door.  I will also Highly recommend you to anyone I know needing work.
Thank you again, John Hogan,  Rensselaer, NY     ( 12-02-2003 )
Dear Clint,

Wow!  The stock looks fantastic!  I love the new look with the forend, grip cap and supergrade checkering.  Thank you very, very much.

A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Dave Stone,  Menlo Park, CA     ( 11-27-2003 )

P.S. I know that you are swamped with stock work, but is it o.k. if I recommend you to my friends?



I picked up the package yesterday afternoon.  WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  The grips and forends look great!  I am extremely happy with the way that the checkering turned out. Thank you very much for the great work.  Take care and thank you again.

Sincerely,  Robert Fisher,  Shiloh, IL     ( 11-13-2003 )
Greetings Clint,
 I hope all is well with you and yours and that business is good.
I very much appreciate the excellent work you did on my Martini-Henry, you turned a sow's ear into a silk purse. The gun is now a pleasure to have around the house.
All the best and Thanks!!
John Lottinville,  Houston, Texas     ( 10-25-2003 )
Hi Clint,
The stock got here today. Beautiful work. I like the satin finish as
opposed to gloss. I rubbed in a coat of Galazan wax and the highlights
are great. Justin is going to be proud.
All the best,  Henry  Idol,  High Point, N.C.     ( 10-24-2003 )
Just writing again to thank you for the great checkering job you did on the Thompson/Center Contender grip and forend.  They look fantastic.
Robert Fisher,  Shiloh, IL     ( 9-25-2003 )