Stock Restoration and Repairs

Anschutz Broken Stock

   Projects under this heading can require anywhere from minor to extensive rebuilding before refinishing and recheckering can be completed.   Extra work can include treating the wood for excessive oil-soak, raising dents, patching bad gouges, restoring stripped-out screw holes, repairing cracks and replacing missing pieces of wood.

    Because of these variables, providing accurate estimates can be difficult.  Generally, I will only undertake such work at my normal hourly shop rate.  I will not use shortcuts, but will do the job right, thereby insuring that you receive a sound and dependable stock.

    The Anchutz .22 LR two-piece target stock pictured above snapped under sling pressure, in the prone position, during a practice session for a match only one week away.  I was able to put it back together for the match.   After the match I asked the owner how the stock performed.  He said it held together fine, though he did have to resight it in, the point had shifted 3 or 4 clicks.  That was some years ago and as far as I know, he is still using this stock in competition.

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Rolling Block Link Low Wall Link d2c-3-b.jpg (38640 bytes)
Remington Rolling
Block B.P.C.R.
Low Wall
12 ga. S x S
L. C. Smith Hammer Gun Win. 1885 HW Stock Rescue Suhl SxS Combination
32 ga./.22 LR
H&H Boxlock
Martin Lever Gun
Cowboy Action
Lefever F Grade


Collaborative Restoration Projects

I am very fortunate to be working on some projects in conjunction with Bob and Doug Fulton, of Stockfixrs, in Glenrock, WY.  These gentlemen are the absolute masters at piecing together badly broken stocks and then refinishing them, things I would be tempted to consign to the kindling box.  They have sent me some very challenging and interesting projects to checker.  I like very much being able to participate in the resurrection of a fine old firearm using the original wood.  The contact info for Stockfixrs' can be found in my links section.

Win. Mod. '94 Parker GHE Checkering Winchester 1897 Black 
Diamond Trap
Purdey Exposed
Hammer Double


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