Custom Stocks

FBW Engraved Action

   There are some things that you just can't buy a semi-inletted stock blank for.  Stocking some of these weapons becomes a serious project.  Custom stocks are just that.  Every aspect of the stock can be built to your exact specifications.  It is very hard to provide firm prices on this kind of work, but I can present a few illustrated examples.

    All Custom work is undertaken at my normal hourly shop rate.  Cutting corners and rushing the job is not how I work.  The cost will vary depending on your specifications and the features you choose to incorporate. 

    Click on any of the thumbnails below to get a better idea of what making a custom stock entails.

Falling Block Link Target Grip Link Grover's Link
Falling Block Works
Miniature High Wall
Rifle Model "K" in
.25-20 WCF.
Custom Target Grips
for a S&W Model 10
PPC .38 Special.
Extra Long Grips
for a Texas Longhorn
Arms Grover's Imp.
#5 Single Action.
DeHaas Link
DeHaas Miller Custom Rifle
in 6.5 x 55 Swede.

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