Since day one, I have been paying for the cost of the various supplies that I use to help me do the work on your projects out of the hourly labor rate that I have always charged.  Effective with all projects received on or after March 1, 2008, I will assess a modest materials/supplies fee to help cover some of the cost of the day to day finishing materials, shipping and other supplies I routinely use in working on your projects.  I would expect this fee now to range from $5 to $10 on checkering projects, $10 to $15 on refinishing and recheckering projects and $15 to $25 on complete new stocks.  Everything I buy along these lines costs me more now than they did before.

 My hourly rate had not gone up until Feb. 1, 2011 since the middle or late 1990's, and even now at $25 an hour, my rate still seems to be a bargain.  If you look around, you'll note that The Ballard Rifle and Cartridge Company offers excellent restoration and recheckering services at $65 an hour, and The Bertram & Co, LTD charges a standard shop rate of $95 an hour for their very fine work.  No doubt, they both have a lot of overhead to cover, and I donít!  To further put things into proper perspective, the last time I had service work done to my automobile, the rate I paid was $75 an hour to an independent service garage and $92.50 an hour to a Ford dealer.  Those guys didn't even actually fix anything, they just replaced old parts with new ones. Thank you for your kind understanding and continued interest in my work!

-Clint Meier