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Clint Meier

Clinton G. (Clint) Meier in his Lee's Summit, MO home workshop.

Welcome to my web site.  If you need almost any type of gunstock work done, you have come to the right place!  I offer a variety of gunstocking services.  The following pages provide me with the opportunity to show you some examples of my work.  If you enjoy firearms, I am sure you'll enjoy exploring my site.  You may not  have any particular project in mind right now, but sooner, or later, you will!   Please keep me in mind.


Feel free to contact me regarding any question that you might have about a project that you have in mind.

****UPDATE - MAY 2011****

I have set up a new flickr account that will enable me to quickly add new projects to the web for you to view and consider.  The projects are grouped into collections, each of which follow the same general categories that appear on my web site, i.e. 'Stock Refinishing and Recheckering', 'New Checkering', etc.  Each collection will be made up of individual sets of pics of each new project, along with explanations and times, etc.  Please see the new flickr® link at the bottom of the menu on the left!  Be sure to bookmark both of these sites for future reference.

- Clint.

**** UPDATE - January 2, 2011****

NOTICE: effective Feb. 1, 2011 my new hourly labor rate will be $25 per hour.  My hourly labor rate has remained the same since the late 1990's when this website first went on-line, and as much as I wish that I did not have to do so, the time has come for me to raise it so that I can continue to make a living.  On any work arriving prior to Feb. 1, 2011, it will be completed and billed a tthe old $20 per hour labor rate, regardless of when it is completed after that date.  Any work arriving on or after Feb. 1, 2011 will be done and billed at the new $25 per hour labor rate.  The small materials charges will still apply to each of the various types of projects.  See the "Labor Guide" section for further details.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

- Clint.

**** UPDATE- October 2008 ****

The new plan that I have implemented to prioritize my work has gone quite well.  The plan was to get the “checkering only” projects out the quickest.  Clients usually expect and desire  a quick turn-around time on those types of projects, and rightly so.  The next priorities were to be the “refinishing and recheckering” projects.  These would be started and steadily worked on next, so that they could be finished in a quicker time frame than they had been in the past.  The "full restocking" projects would be worked into the schedule as soon as possible, and the time required to complete them would depend entirely on my workload.   Please check with me regarding my current workload, and  as always, thank you for your consideration of my work!

Best regards……….Clint Meier.




Contact Info.

Sending me a firearm or stock? Please let me know its coming!

****Copy of FFL available upon request.****


Regarding shipping any barreled action, with or without a stock, there is some highly relevant information that has recently been made available to those of us who routinely send and receive firearms as part of our businesses that you should know about.  This info is the result of a damage claim filed with UPS by an unknowledgeable shipper that was denied, and a lot of us could have the same problem if we’re not careful. 

What it boils down to is if you don't dot all the “i's” and cross all the “t's” the way the shippers want you to, and if there is any damage, in all likelihood the claim will be categorically denied.  To sum this up briefly, you can ship me a project containing a long arm action to work on for you through either UPS or FedEx, using ground or air service.  You must bring the package to a company-owned facility for shipment, or you can ship it from your work if your company has a UPS or FedEx  account and regular pickups, i.e. you can't ship through a franchisee ( The UPS Store, or FedEx-Kinkos, etc. ).  Their rational is that in so doing, you are turning over a firearm to someone not directly under their control and supervision.  You must declare that the package contains a firearm.  They may also ask you for a copy of my FFL, to be enclosed in/on the package.  I will be happy to send you a scan of mine to print out for this purpose.  You also have to request it be sent with an “Direct or Adult Signature Required” at my end.  The shipment has to come directly to my home.  The shipment can also be made to me by or through any business that holds an FFL, e.g. your local gun shop.  I also must ship the firearm back to you under the same constraints, which means it must go to a home or work address, where either you, or an adult member of your family can sign for it.  I prefer to use FedEx Ground, because they are inexpensive and close.  To use UPS, I will have to drive a lot further, and charge you for that time.

The USPS, in my opinion, is the most reliable way to ship a firearm.  You can select either Registered Mail, which offers the maximum security, or Priority Mail, which requires a signature.  The main thing is the USPS will not leave your package at the door and take off!  Their overall rates for shipping and insurance are higher than some of the other services, but worth it.

Obviously, you can still ship any way you want to, but just be forewarned that if there ever is a damage claim involving a serial numbered firearm action, it could be denied if the circumstances don't meet the shipper's strict criteria.

If you are sending me just a stock, with no action of any kind, even with all kinds of other gun parts along in with it, it is business as usual.  You can ship that to me any way you want to, no problem.

Clint Meier

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